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Lira Boutique is a Destination Weddings and Events Venue situated on the banks of the Nandoni Dam in the Limpopo Province, offering incredible views, bush lodge facilities, African cuisine and unsurpassed wedding services.

Lira Boutique Unsurpassed Weddings & Events

Lira Private Villas

Drift away in one of our few private, and quintessentially decorated villas


King Size Bed


2 Adults 

Room Size:



Nandoni Bush


Outdoor Shower

Exclusive Lira Boutique Services


Enjoy the beautiful view of the Nandoni bush in one of our few private, and quintessentially decorated villas.

Wedding Venues

Let our dedicated event planner help you start your new beautiful chapter surrounded by nature and all its glory.


Discover the most of the Kruger National Nature  Reserve while booked at the Lira Boutique Lodge.

Lira Boutique Weddings and Events Venue has been the dream-child of the founders since 2010, and after years of strategic planning, with careful consideration to slowly develop a beautiful wedding and events venue on the banks of the beautiful Nandoni Dam in the Limpopo Province. We aim to create beautiful memories that will have an everlasting impact with each and every client that we interact with.

What Our Clients Say

Dear our Wonderful Guests & Clients

In light of the recent developments & announcements made our President on the 24th of March 2020 for a complete lock down to curb the spread of the Covid-19 virus, kindly note that we will not be hosting any guests / events until the uplift of the quarantine period.

For those who have events / weddings scheduled for later in the year please note that you are welcome to make bookings telephonically / via with a promotional discount of 30% on the venue and furniture for all events confirmed before the 30th of April 2020.

Your patience and understanding during this difficult period will be most highly appreciated. Please keep safe, maintain the faith and spend time with your families.

Warm regards,
  Lira Boutique Team