Lira Boutique Lodge Covid-19 Protocols

Lira Boutique Lodge

Covid-19 Protocols

Lira Boutique Lodge strictly adheres to its Covid-19 Protocols. The following measures have been put in place to ensure the safety of guests and staff members.

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Covid-19 Protocol Number 1

Our Covid-19 checklist is done safely online. No physical contact

Covid-19 Protocol Number 3

All guests entering the Lira Boutique Lodge premises must wear masks, get their temperature checked and sanitize

Covid-19 Safety Tips

Covid-19 Safety Essentials

Covid-19 Tip Number 1

Essential #1

Always wear your mask in public spaces

Covid-19 Protocol Number 2

Our check-in process is done either online or in a manner that is safe for our guests and staff members

Covid-19 Protocol Number 4

Our rooms are 'fogged' prior to guest checkout and before the next guest check-in

Covid-19 Protocol Number 5

In-house training is continuously done for employees to ensure compliance all the safety protocols

Covid-19 Protocol Number 7

Linen and towels are washed with appropriate detergents

Covid-19 Tip Number 2

Essential #2

Social distance, keep a 1.5m distance away from each other.

Covid-19 Protocol Number 6

High touch points receive extra attention and sanitization

Covid-19 Protocol Number 8

Sanitiser are available throughout the lodge

Covid-19 Protocol Number 9

Food is prepared under constant sanitary measures

Covid-19 Protocol Number 11

All our staff and guests wear masks

Covid-19 Tip Number 3

Essential #3

Wash and sanitize your hands regularly

Covid-19 Protocol Number 10

Our restaurant and food serving areas are cleaned and sanitised on an on-going basis

Covid-19 Protocol Number 12

Breakfast is served plated to minimize buffet contact